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Work at height

Work at height
In Australia it is a legal requirement to have a SWMS for work at height where there is a risk of falls from greater than 2 meters. Our work at Height SWMS covers access, ladder use, penetrations, falling objects, mobile scaffold, hand tools, harness use etc

This SWMS includes the following:

  • Legislation
  • Training
  • General worker health management and general work zone set up
  • Working at height - general
  • Access to work area and general set up
  • Fixed scaffold erection
  • Mobile scaffold erection
  • Working on scaffold - access/egress
  • Working on scaffold general
  • Harness use/fall restraint
  • Working with harness in area with no fall protection
  • Use of hand tools at height
  • Use of ladders for access
  • Ladder use - General
  • Using an A frame ladder and step ladder
  • Penetrations - Working in and around penetrations
  • Plant access to undertake maintenance and repairs

Get a 10% discount when you purchase a bundle. Our work at heights bundle includes the following SWMS documents:

  • Work at height
  • Manual Handling
  • Use of Harness
  • Deliveries to site
  • Temporary Handrail  Installation

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